October 20, 2009

and then I heard my congested baby snoring on the monitor and all was right with the world

Posted in mousie at 7:38 am by Anonymouse

If there is one thing that is true about me, it is that I am a sucker for a good Lifetime movie – particular a Lifetime movie about teen pregnancy.  Don’t ask me where this came from, but I’ve enjoyed these as long as I can remember.

So, Mr. Mouse was out-of-town last night and rather than my normal tv fare, I found myself watching this.

It is the story of a girl who had a baby and, together with her mother and sister, is trying to get a fresh start in a new school, etc. where no one knows that her baby brother is really her son.  It is also the story of this girl’s hip school counselor and swim coach – who are facing infertility and have lived through a failed adoption.

Well, I imagine you can see where this is going.  The secret comes out, the teenager meets up with a birth mother group and learns about open adoption, and starts to realize that she needs to think about what’s best for her son versus what she wants.  She chooses to place her son in an open adoption and choose the school counselor/swim coach to be mom and dad.

I cried through pretty much the entire second half of the movie because a.) it’s a Lifetime movie, duh and b.) hello, hitting a little close to home here!

The very end of the movie showed the adoptive parents interviewing their son on his fifth birthday and he talks about his mom and dad and his baby sister – who grew in his mom’s tummy – and then the home video pans around to show his birth mom and he says a few different things, but two of them were just too sweet:

“I’m the only one who knows what her heart feels like from inside of her.”

“She’s my birth mom and she helped me find my family.”


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  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    Awwww… Now I am all teary.

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