October 30, 2009


Posted in mousie at 3:34 pm by Anonymouse

My new driver’s license came in the mail today.  In case you didn’t know, I had to renew my license last week.  It had been 6 years since I became a licensed driver in the state that I live in.  Six years ago, I was a 22 year old, fresh out of college.  I was working my first professional job – wearing suits and everything.  Six years ago, I was blond and my the weight listed on my driver’s license was closer to correct.  I lived alone in a new place with no friends.

Six years later, I’ve had several jobs, several suits.  I’ve made great friends, had great friends move away.  I met my husband, got married.  In the last six years, I’ve seen my sister through a divorce and I’ve seen several friends through weddings.  In the last six years I’ve had a blogger blog, a xanga, a myspace account, a facebook account and a wordpress blog.  I’ve worked with teenagers and I’ve worked with toddlers.  I’ve dealt with infertility and I’ve acquired (what is the right word?) a great daughter.  I’ve had three different vehicles, three different homes and lots of McDonald’s coke.

So, I look at my new driver’s license (with a pretty decent picture – if I do say so myself).  I look at the expiration date – 10.24.2015.  And I wonder – what will the next six years bring?

In six more years, Mr. Mouse and I will be gearing up to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.  Baby Swiss will be in 1st grade and will hopefully be a big sister.  My mini-van will be much less shiny and much less new.  Our church will hopefully be in a brand new buildling and the kids I’m teaching in the nursery now will be practicing for the children’s Christmas program.

I’ll be 35 in six years.  Will I finally feel like a grown-up or will I still feel like a poser?  Will Baby Swiss hate it when I go on field trips with her class, or will mom still be cool in the eyes of an almost 7 year-old?  Will I have learned to master the art of a clean and pulled together house?  Will Mr. Mouse’s favorite still be chocolate chip cookies?

Six years doesn’t feel like that long, but a lot has happened to me in the last six years.  Maybe six years is more than it seems and I’ve just let it all go too quickly.

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