October 31, 2009

dear 11 months – take 1

Posted in mousie at 10:35 am by Anonymouse

Dear 11 months,

I love you.  You are so fun.  Sure, you followed the tail-end of 6 months that included four new teeth, so it’s not hard to look fun after that.  But seriously.  You are SO.  FUN.  You like to play games – especially chase and peek-a-boo.  You not only like to play games, but you initiate them.  11 months, you are like a real person who understands things.

You nod “yes” and shake your head “no” when you hear those words.  You still love to clap for yourself or anything/anyone that other people are clapping for.  You can do pat-a-cake on your own.  Your 11 months old sneezes are sooo hilarious to you.  You even fake sneeze sometime just because it’s so funny.  Speaking of faking – you like to fake cough too, 11 months.

You say “Mama” and “Dada” and usually it feels like you know what those two mean.  You’ve taken steps.  11 months, YOU’VE TAKEN STEPS.  What is up with that?  It wasn’t so long ago that you didn’t even sit up and now you are taking steps on your own.  Slow down, 11 months, your Mama is trying to cherish the baby days and fears they are almost over.  It’s gone too fast, 11 months.

Your Daddy is still your favorite person in the whole wide world.  You get so excited when you see him and he’s a pretty big fan of you, 11 months.  When he comes home from work, he must make haste in getting to you, or you get upset.  Then once you’ve got him, he has to take you upstairs with him while he changes clothes, because you just need your daddy-fix.

11 months, you give the best hugs that I never knew existed.  You like to just stop whatever you’re playing with crawl over to your Mama in that funny way that you scoot around.  Then you raise your arms to be held and wrap them around my neck and squeeze while you put your head on my shoulder.  Sometimes you pat my back and sometimes you just squeeze.  I would hug you all day because your hugs are the best.  Ever.

You think you’re a big girl, drinking out of a cup, eating big food and wearing separates instead of all of those baby clothes.  You are big, but you’re a baby too.  You still need your Mama and you aren’t afraid to admit it.  Don’t lose that just yet, 11 months because your Mama needs to be needed for a little bit longer.  You can spread your wings, but don’t go too far from the nest.

Oh, 11 months.  I’m afraid I’m about to lose you.  Lost in the ends of babyhood and the beginnings of little girlness.  I know I will love what lies ahead, but it is bittersweet as I love this too and all of this growing up and change is hard on your Mama.  Don’t go away too fast, 11 months.  Let’s have a sweet November together and perhaps you can even show me some glimpses of yourself as we move into December and beyond.

I will love you forever, 11 months – 31 days times infinity,



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