November 4, 2009

send in the mustached clowns

Posted in mousie at 11:37 am by Anonymouse

The birthday party is coming and – I won’t lie – it’s gotten a bit bigger than I anticipated.  I’m still planning on simple, but the guest list is a bit uh, not simple.

We’re happy so many people love her.  We’re happy so many people want to celebrate her.  We won’t have to buy toys for years.

That’s what I keep telling myself.

I opted to follow the precedent set by my sister-in-law and invite the great aunts that we see often to the party (she has invited them to both of her kid’s first birthdays – we’ll figure out next year when it comes).  That led to mother-in-law suggesting I also invite the great aunts/uncles from her side of the family (who we see every other year at Christmas).

So, invitations out and the rsvp’s start coming.  And there are the pluses.  You know – T’s dad PLUS two will be attending (probably his other two kids).  T PLUS one will be attending.  Mr. Mouse’s maternal aunt PLUS her boyfriend.  Etc. Etc. PLUS Etc.

None of the pluses are inappropriate or rude additions, I just hadn’t really thought about it.

The party will now require two birthday cakes.  (Baby Swiss still just get a slice to herself to do with as she pleases.  I imagine she will please to eat some, throw a good portion on the floor and use the rest as chocolate hair product.)

Two birthday cakes, in my mind, equals zero ice cream.  Because once you add ice cream, then people have MORE options.  I don’t know about you, but when I simplify I reduce options.  The option will be chocolate cake or rainbow colored white cake (I will probably try a scratch version of this recipe because scratch cake is usually SO. MUCH. BETTER. and not really any harder to make.)  That’s it.  The option will not be to sauce or not to sauce your pulled pork; and then with which variety of sauce.  The pork will be sauced already.  Deal.  You may choose your chips and your beverage.

I am the party nazi.  Don’t my parties sound like fun?



  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    Actually, I think that sounds perfect!

  2. Kelly said,

    This is how Mea’s first birthday party at home (2) turned out, it was pretty close to her adoption finalization, so it was pretty much turned into a combo party. I swear that I only sent out 30 or so invites, and we had to have had over 50 people there. It was fun, the kids had fun, our family had fun, and most importantly Mea had fun.

    I think you are right on about the ice cream, I bought a gallon, and ended up forgetting about it by the time it was time for cake. The simpler the better food wise, and if you can get things together ahead of time, makes the day easier for you, we grilled burgers and hotdogs and someone always had to be manning the grill! You want to enjoy Baby Swiss’ day too!

  3. rach said,

    no – it’s great. choices make me nauseous.

    shocked you’re not buying your cakes. it’s the j county thing to do, you know. where is the hired clown? bounce house?

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