January 4, 2010

randomness about the squeaker

Posted in mousie at 7:07 am by Anonymouse

  • So, it seems that my stern-mom-voice is hilarious.  Well, that’s what I’m guessing based on Baby Swiss’ response to it… which is basically disobedience combined with maniacal laughter.
  • She has officially moved up to the toddler/2s nursery class.  How is it possible that my itty bitty baby is in a class with kids who actually use the potty?
  • Moving up to this class now also means that we’re having little craft projects come home with us every week.  Perhaps we should just mail them to the grandmothers for refrigerator glory?
  • Speaking of the potty, some lady at Chick-fil-A the other day told me that Baby Swiss was ready to be potty trained.  Her logic was that she saw her grabbing her diaper (which she does all. the. time.), then I smelled her and she had poo-ed.  I’d like to know how my child who won’t say “mama” after I’ve been chanting it to her non-stop for 13.5 months is going to tell me she has to go use the potty.  I’d also like to know how observing my child for 2 minutes in a Chick-fil-A play area makes you an expert on her.
  • I bought the 2010 Christmas dress this past weekend.  It was a steal.  I also bought a casual knit Christmas dress, because I couldn’t resist.  I also bought a pair of leg warmers.  They are totally “in” right now, but I’m not too sure about my confidence is styling them correctly.  I’m thinking I’ll start out with some ensemble containing a denim skirt and tights (in addition to the leg warmers).  Stay tuned.  Also, stay tuned for 15 years from now when she says, “Mom [eye roll].  I can’t believe you dressed me in leg warmers.  You are so uncool.  Can I have some money?”
  • She’s love, love, loving babies right now.  She got a new one for her birthday and is rarely very far from the baby.  Her cousin (who is 2) got a bunch of baby paraphernalia (bottles,  sippy cups, combs, spoons, etc.) for Christmas and Baby Swiss was all over that stuff like stink on poo.  Here at home, she has to settle for sharing her own cup with her baby.
  • I’m thinking about starting to give her baths more often.  I’m not even going to say what frequency we’ve been using thus far.
  • It seems that, in addition to the crotch grabbing, toe tickling is Baby Swiss’ newest trick.  I’m not sure who really taught her to do it, but she just started grabbing feet and saying “tickletickletickletickle…”.  It’s the cutest when she does it to her own feet.


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  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    Ooh, she is so cute!

    I LOVE the baby leg warmers. They are awesomely handy and fantastic. (Elizabeth is wearing pink and brown argyle ones right now.) When you realize how much you love them, I can recommend a good Etsy shop that sells them. 😉

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