January 7, 2010


Posted in mousie at 8:43 pm by Anonymouse

You know those tall AND skinny girls (women?) that complain about how they can’t find clothes that fit right because they are too tall for the clothes in the itty bitty sizes?

Well, if you don’t know them – consider yourself lucky.

If you’re one of them – I hate you.  (Well, not really.  But kinda.)

I’ve never had compassion for the tall AND skinny girls (women?).  I mean, it must be tough for them to go through life with the figure of a supermodel.  I know that I would just hate that.  Plus, newsflash: us tall and chubby girls often have problems finding pants that are long enough too.  But we don’t have the bonus of being skinny in our high-water jeans.

Now, that I’ve significantly described my bitterness, I’d like to introduce you to my favorite tall AND skinny girl.

This picture was taken in September, but she wore those same skinny jeans today, which is what has brought this on.  Because those jeans are finally fitting her in the rear, are still adjusted (thank the baby fashion gods for those adjustable tabs) to the smallest waist size and are TOO SHORT.  The next size is laughably huge in the waist and the seat.

Speaking of her little seat, here it was in the jeans at the same photo shoot in September.  A little big, but not laughably huge.  Clearly she’s not got my genes.  (Genes!  Jeans!  Ha!)

We sort of get away with the too-short thing right now because she has some boots that we can tuck the jeans into, but that’s starting to not work anymore as evidenced here:

If I knew how, I would put a big circle around her naked ankle in that picture.

I will be forever thankful that leggings are in right now as we get a lot of mileage out of them and if things continue the way they have been in the growth department, it will be very sad if they disappear from the fashion “it” list.  Maybe even tantrum worthy.


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