January 8, 2010

a brother from another mother

Posted in mousie at 2:21 pm by Anonymouse

At some point in our dating relationship, Mr. Mouse confessed something to me.

It was good.

He told me that when he was a kid, he had a doll*.

Not just any doll, a homemade doll.

Not just any homemade doll, a homemade cabbage patch doll.

Not just any homemade cabbage patch doll, a black homemade cabbage patch doll.

Because that’s what he requested from whomever was making the dolls.  His brother had one too, except his brother’s doll was white, with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Here is a picture of Mr. Mouse’s kiddo with his brother’s kiddos.

(don’t worry, kids, we didn’t really want you to all look at the same camera and smile all at the same time)

Yeah, so the kids of the brothers all look like the dolls of the brothers.  Someday, I’d like to get a picture of all of the kids together with both of the dolls.  Judging from the success of the picture above, I opted to just get a pic of Baby Swiss with Mr. Mouse’s doll for now.

“Hey, you look like my long lost twin!”

*Disclaimer: I’m all for boy kiddos playing with traditionally girl toys and girl kiddos playing with traditionally boy toys.  Really, I am.  However, I’m also all for giving my husband and good, old fashioned mocking from time to time.  I’m a good wife that way.



  1. Mr. Mouse said,

    ‘Tis true about the doll. Oh, we won’t go into things I can mock Mrs. Mouse about!

    • anonymouseandcheese said,

      because there are none?

  2. Sarah Abrahams said,

    You two are hilarious. What I think is so amazing is the Sovereignty of God who knew Little Swiss would be yours way back when Mr. Mouse was young and in fact “before the foundation of the earth” That gives me goose bumps!

  3. Kelly said,

    Yay for Mr. Mouse! I too, had a black cabbage patch kid, when all the other kids had white ones, and it was one that I requested. Funny, sometimes how things work out. Looks like Baby Swiss is liking her daddy’s doll!

    I wanted to thank you really quick also, after you posted your post about making the board book for Baby Swiss, my sister and I had them made for all of our cousins children that live far away, and that we don’t see to often. They turned out wonderful, and now, all those distant cousins, have something that they can see our family and recognize who is who and where they are from. Great gift! Thanks for posting about it!

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