January 13, 2010

phoning it in

Posted in mousie at 8:28 pm by Anonymouse

  • I’m totally worn out today,  and Mr. Mouse declined to do a guest post.
  • I’ve seriously been doing this for 13 days now and haven’t quit yet.
  • Tonight I made a meal for a chick from my mom’s group who just had a baby.
  • It’s my first of 3 meals in one week that I’ll be cooking to take to other people.
  • I got new glasses today.  My first new pair in 11 years.  No joke.
  • Maybe I’ll actually wear glasses sometimes now that I have frames that are not crazy out of style instead of always wearing the contacts.
  • I’m obsessed with NCIS.  This probably deserves its own post…or seven.
  • I’m watching it right now (reruns) and listening to Mr. Mouse get Baby Swiss all wound up before bed in the monitor.  It’s cute.  She’ll still go to sleep just fine.  I like those two.
  • I’m starting to get the fever.  You know, baby fever.  This probably deserves its own post too.

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  1. My husband is an NCIS nut, too. Oh, the conversations you could have about the characters. Ryley is in love with the forensics chick. Shhhh.

    Baby Swiss would make an awesome big sister (or little sister).

    Congratulations on 13 days. I won’t commit to daily blogging, no way, not even, no! But good for you.

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