January 16, 2010

the itch

Posted in mousie at 8:19 pm by Anonymouse

I’m starting to get the itch.

Maybe it’s because I know of about a gazillion new babies that have been born in the last week.  Maybe it’s because of this friend who just posted pics on facebook of his 16 month old holding his newborn and kissing her.  Maybe it’s because it’s time or maybe it’s because I’m crazy.

Either way, I’m starting to think I might be ready for baby #2.

Sometimes people ask us if we’re going to try to have a baby of “our own” (don’t get me started on this phrase) this time around.  The answer to that is a quick and resounding “no”.  I am so amazed at how much God has taken away the strong, strong desire I had to be pregnant.  I really really really don’t ever want to be pregnant anymore.  Really.

We are loosely planning on redoing our home study in the spring or summer and then applying with agencies to do another domestic infant adoption.

(There are a lot of ways to adopt and with those various methods come different kinds of kiddos of different ages.  We think that domestic infant adoption is what works for our family right now for a few different reasons, but that’s another story for another day perhaps.)

Since we didn’t end up going the agency route the first time around, this is all new to us.  Of course, we are open to other random situations that might come along, but we’re not putting all of our eggs in that crazy basket.

After the applying, we wait.

Maybe we’ll wait for a week, maybe several months, maybe a year, maybe more.

I feel a little bit nervous about the waiting, but mostly I just feel like God’s going to do what He’s going to do.  He more than made that clear the first time around, so I’m not really questioning it too much.

Would I like a crystal ball to see how it’s all going to work out?


Am I holding my breath for that?


Would I like to have a conversation with someone about strategic child-spacing?

Definitely not.

All that to say… I’m starting to get the itch.


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  1. Renae said,

    Yay! Excited for you guys! We should be approved sometime this spring or summer – wouldn’t it be wild for you to get #2 and us to get #1 in the same time frame? Crazy! But awesome.

    PS – just reread this and if someone didn’t know better, they might think I’m talking about body functions.

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