January 17, 2010

and that’s when he fell in love with me

Posted in mousie at 8:57 pm by Anonymouse

I’ve never been one for keeping track of, or celebrating anniversaries of first dates or month-iversaries or 6-month-iversaries, etc.  I do like to acknowledge my wedding anniversary with some sort of simple time alone together with the hubster, but I think our wedding anniversary is a bit more of a big deal than the anniversary of when we broke the fart barrier.  I mean, marriage… it’s kind of a big deal.

I think so at least.

I don’t know the date of my first date with Mr. Mouse.  I do know that he asked me out in an email (*cough* LAME *cough*), and I said yes even though I wanted to email him back and tell him to pick up the phone and call me to ask me out on a date.  As it turns out, it’s pretty appropriate that my adorkable geek husband email-asked me out.

He did ask me to marry him in person, on his knee – for the record.

So, I don’t know the date of my first date.  I do know that I came home from a weekend away being a sponsor at an annual student ministry weekend and went out with Mr. Mouse that Sunday evening.

That same event was this weekend, so it’s been 5ish years since my first date with my first husband.

What I told him that night is still true today…

“If at any point I have food in my teeth, you need to tell me, because eventually I’m going to see myself in the mirror and know that you saw that huge chunk of pepper in my teeth and didn’t tell me.”


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