January 21, 2010


Posted in mousie at 8:33 pm by Anonymouse

Lori over at Livin’ in a Fishbowl has a big weekend coming up.  Tomorrow afternoon, her son’s birth father – who just so happens to be contesting his adoption – is coming to her town, to her house for a visit

Here is the story of her adopted son, Matthew.

Also, here is a hilarious video of Matthew.

And, at the end of this post is the picture that made me laugh out loud at a kid who I’ve never met in real life.

Now, I can tell you that birth father visits can be crazy awkward for us – under not such crazy situations.  I can’t even imagine doing it under the circumstances that Lori has.

Read her post.  Heck, read her whole blog if you want.  There is a lot of good stuff there.  But, whatever you do, send up some prayers for Lori, her husband Troy, their older son Garrett, sweet baby Matthew and the birth father.



  1. Lori said,


  2. Renae said,

    I actually found Lori’s blog thru yours. I’ve been keeping up to date on her story and can’t imagine what they are going thru. But we’ve been praying for them since I first started reading the blog – and they will continue to be prayed for long after a court decision has been made.

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