January 22, 2010


Posted in mousie at 5:19 pm by Anonymouse

To be pro-life, you have to be pro-adoption.” – Chuck Colson

I saw this on someone’s facebook today.  I had never thought about it before, but it obviously makes sense unless you think that every pregnant girl or woman should parent their child…which there are probably some people who do think that.

So, if the quote is true, what does it mean to be pro-adoption?  Does it mean you have to adopt?  Does it mean you have to help someone else pay for an adoption?  Does it mean you volunteer at crisis pregnancy centers?  Think good thoughts about adoption?  Does it mean you go to foreign countries and play with children at an orphanage?  None of the above?  All of the above?

I’ve been amazed at how much more pro-adoption I’ve become since I adopted.  I always thought it was a good option for unplanned pregnancies and for people who couldn’t have biological kids, but I never thought about how big of a deal it is.  I never realized that some people choose adoption as a first choice as opposed to a second choice when their other options run out.

Three years ago, I wouldn’t have cried in my car reading a facebook update about found orphans in the ruins in Haiti.  Three years ago, I wouldn’t have watched a story on the news about a father who killed his four kids because he couldn’t afford to take care of them and said out loud with all sincerity – “I would have taken those kids.”  Three years ago, I wouldn’t have shared the joy of a friend’s new daughter and I wouldn’t have understood that birth parents aren’t crazy drug addicted psychos that will stalk you and try to steal their baby back.  Three years ago I wouldn’t have imagined a family with two kids, but always the possibility for the extras that might come along.


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