January 23, 2010


Posted in mousie at 10:00 pm by Anonymouse

Today, Mr. Mouse and I had our official anniversary date.

Because my first choice of a babysitter was not free in the evening, we opted for a lunch date.  Heaven forbid, I go to the effort of texting a second teenaged girl about babysitting.  Besides, lunch is cheaper and less crowded.

Ah, romance.

We had a great lunch.  When we got to the restaurant, we were asked if we were celebrating anything.  I was sure that we’d score some free dessert or something since we were.

We didn’t.

We did get a smile and a “Happy Anniversary” from the hostess though.

That’s almost as a good as a slice of chocolate cake the size of my face.

It was a great afternoon out with my number one favorite dude and the rest of the day has been totally hot anniversary celebrating.  I won’t give you all of the details, but things that may or may not have been involved include – washing the mini-van, eating blizzards from Dairy Queen, reheating leftovers, changing diapers, watching the first season of Fringe and feeding peas and carrots to a toddler.

Totally hot.  I know.

I’m so glad I found someone whose idea of a good time is in line with mine.


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