January 26, 2010

and then i showed my true colors

Posted in mousie at 8:21 pm by Anonymouse

Today was mom’s group day.  I keep meaning to write a whole post about the mom’s group, but I’m not really in the mood today, so I’m not going to.  (I’ve realized lately that I end a lot of sentences with prepositions.  I could stop, but I’m not going to. ;))

After mom’s group, I had lunch with a friend at my favorite hang-out – Chick-fil-A.  Baby Swiss ate 3 nuggets.  That’s a new cfa record for her.

She is a big girl, you know.

She did her business in the play area again.

She also licked the glass window.

Yep, she is a big girl and I am a proud mama.

After we got home, I managed to get caught up on last night’s episode of my secret obsession.  I am on team Tenley.  I’m also a secret Corrie fan and a former Ali fan.  Not that I pay all that much attention.

Since I’m talking about tv, I need to introduce you all to my new favorite show.  Life Unexpected is good.  Try not to hold the fact that it is on the CW against it.  I read a review that put it in the same category as Gilmore Girls.  I was a big fan of Lorelei and Rory and I’m a big fan of Cate, Baze & Lux but I’m not ready to put them in the same category yet.  Watch it though, and let me know what you think.

So, pretty much – my day was riveting and now I’m blogging.  When I’m done, I’ll try to win some free stuff on the internet whilst complaining in my head that the American Idol auditions keep getting more and more lame.

Because it’s totally not lame to watch American Idol, or the Bachelor, or the CW.


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  1. shoeaddict said,

    I loved Life Unexpected, too. I DVR’ed the last two episodes and watched them both yesterday. I, too, was a HUGE GG fan and while I don’t know if this show (or any) can compare to them, I’m very interested in continuing to watch.

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