January 30, 2010

bullet points

Posted in mousie at 8:07 pm by Anonymouse

  • The grandparents are gone.
  • Baby Swiss seems to be a popular guest blogger.  Maybe she’ll make some more appearances around here.
  • We found the magical elixir and its name is Baby Orajel Nighttime.  We don’t use it exclusively at nighttime, but the difference is 33% more of some active ingredient that ends in “-caine”.  When we’re talking pain relief, ending in “-caine” is a-okay with us.
  • Today, Baby Swiss wore a dress that is too short (in a size that should be too big – stupid irregular sizing).  It was pretty significantly too short.  She was also wearing white tights, but I felt the need to throw on some semi-matching bloomers with it all.  What’s the official word on the tights and bloomers combo?
  • I’m always confused with the idea of tights and onesies.  I mean the onesie goes on the outside of the tights unless the tights have ruffles or some other cuteness on the bottom.
  • My mom bought Baby Swiss some total cuteness clothes while she was here.  They are spring clothes, but I’m looking very much forward to dressing her in them.
  • My nose is running and my throat is screaming, so I’m out.

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  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    Ahh, the Baby Orajel Nighttime. You’ve reminded me that I’ve been meaning to blog about that for like six months now. We have it here too. It works. BUT, one night, Matt put some on Elizabeth’s gums and spilled a little on the edge of the changing table. By the morning, it had eaten through the varnish and some of the wood. I was officially creeped out. Don’t get me wrong, we still use it on her when necessary, but yikes!

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