February 1, 2010

and how is your day?

Posted in mousie at 3:33 pm by Anonymouse

So, I’m sick. The worst kind of sick.  The not really all that sick kind of sick.

It’s the worst because there is no real excuse not to function normally just because your head feels like it is about to explode, your throat is as sore as your legs after a Jillian Michaels workout and your nose is dripping like that leaky outdoor spigot on the side of your house.

So, I’m sick.

But I’ve been to the grocery store AND to Costco AND I have potatoes baking in the oven that will magically transform into baked potato soup by the time Mr. Mouse comes home.


…I ironed.


…the baby is alive and well and moaning/sucking on her binky in her bed.  She’s even been fed (TWICE), changed and dressed.


…I’m showered.  That, my friends is something that does not happen every day.

To add insult to injury, I’m sick AND I have a scab the size of a dime on my forehead from an unfortunate incident between the curling iron and my new bangs that I don’t think I really like.  A dime seems pretty small until you put it on your forehead in the form of a big red scab.  It’s just small enough that people probably wonder if I had some ginormous pimple and just big enough to be hugely noticable.

*I love that these are the things I have to complain about.  Wouldn’t trade my life for anything!



  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    Ah ha. So you are where I got the sore throat from. Keep your germs in your own computer!

  2. Yuck. I hope you feel better soon.

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