February 2, 2010

technically, it’s the recycling

Posted in mousie at 3:54 pm by Anonymouse

I’m back.  Just taking a quick break from playing with the trash to blog for my mama.

That silly groundhog said that we’re going to have more winter.  Good thing my winter coat for next year came in the mail today.

It’s a little big.  My mama says she got it for a steal on ebay – new with tags!  She also says she hopes it will last two winters.  We’ll see about that.  I’m a growing girl!  My mama did laugh at me while I walked around in my too-big coat while she tried to video me with her cell phone.  She’s always laughing at me.  I don’t even tell her any jokes.

I’m not afraid of more winter though.  I’m wearing some of my new spring clothes (with long sleeves underneath).  I was just feeling the need for a little color today.

My mama tried hard to get me to smile.  I thought it was funny, but I didn’t want her to know I thought it was funny.  It’s more fun that way.  Here, I had to bite the spatula to keep from smiling and laughing at my mama.

My new favorite word is “shoes” – much to my Mama and Nana’s delight.  Here I am saying “shoes” and showing my mama my shoes.  She’s so silly – always asking me where they are.  You’d think she would remember since she’s all old and stuff and she helps me put my shoes on anyway.

Well, that’s about enough of that, I think it’s time to go play with some trash!



  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    Elizabeth loves shoes and trash!

  2. Kelly said,

    Mea is a shoe addict. She easily can change shoes 10 times in a day, boots, buckles, tennis shoes, chucks, sparkle shoes, play shoes and on and on. The thing we keep fighting over currently is flip flops. She really, really wants to wear them, I cannot seem to get through to her that flip flops in winter, in Iowa, is not such a good plan. She will freeze her toes off.

    I think she’s trying to remind me that sometimes with fashion, we must go through some pain…:)

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