February 9, 2010

population control

Posted in mousie at 10:23 pm by Anonymouse

To the two twenty-something unmarried women I saw lunching today at my favorite lunch and play spot,

You look really nice.  And you were just minding your own business, trying to enjoy some delicious fast food chicken and conversation when you were at lunch today.

If you’re like most twenty-something unmarried women, you probably always imagined yourself being a mom someday.

I hope that if that was once true of you, that it is still true after today.  Although, I suspect that it might not be.

What you witnessed was something that you will surely experience during motherhood on more than one occasion… times infinity.

Feeding multiple children a delicious lunch, then offering them free ice cream, then letting them play until their cheeks are rosy and they are late for the afternoon nap/rest creates an amazing phenomenon known as hyper-active exhaustion.

Hyper-active exhaustion manifests itself in different ways in different children.  Some become manic and are utterly and totally incapable of being still or focusing on a simple tasks such as putting on their coat or not pushing that chair around the dining room or forgetting about the balloon, The Balloon, THE BALLOON.  Other children just cry.  Or scream.  Or both.

Please know that you are very welcome for the birth control that was provided today in the form of your own personal uninvited dinner theater.

Please also know that being a mom is the best.


The Mother of the One Who Just Stared


The One Who Was Laughing Hysterically



  1. Kelly said,

    I think that Mea and I have given this same visual version of population control on one or two occaisions. I particularly remember a time at Target, where she screamed her head off the whole time we were there because I said she had to ride in the cart, and for me telling her no to some toy that she spied and thought she had to have. Oh, the joys of motherhood!

  2. HereWeGoAJen said,

    Yes. I offered another mom a cookie in the grocery store today. She needed it.

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