February 10, 2010

maybe i should start a blog

Posted in mousie at 10:09 pm by Anonymouse

A few months ago, I had a few different people that I know in real life (all of you people that I only know through the blog, are not real after all) tell me that I should start a blog.  Of course, I thought it was funny because I did start a blog.

Almost three years ago.

These people that were suggesting I blog, are under the false assumption that my blog would be hilariously charming and smart and witty.  Oh, and funny too.

I did used to be all of those things.  Somewhere in the stress of the working world and grief of the babymaking years, I lost that part of myself.  I’d love to find her again, because she was super fun.  She made me laugh, made people want to hang out with me and even made my husband notice me and stick around long enough for me to sink my claws in.

That’s not the kind of girl I am anymore and unfortunately for anyone who is reading this, it’s not the kind of blogger I am.

If I can’t be witty and charming, I’d love to be thoughtful and creative.

I’d love to be able to think deep, provocative thoughts and weave my words into beautiful tapestries that challenge, inspire and entertain.

Let’s face it, I’m nowhere near being that girl either.

I’m the girl who decided to blog every day for a year and most days that means that I phone it in with some drivel about my day or something I’ve been thinking about.  Then, every once in awhile, I halfway think through something and attempt to put together a nice thought and maybe even come up with a metaphor or two.

Maybe if I make it through this year, I’ll try blogging every week and actually putting thought behind and work into what I do in an effort to produce something that is worth my time and yours.

Maybe if I just keep going I’ll find my stride and it will be something better than what it’s been.

Maybe my feet are falling asleep and I’m wondering about what’s waiting for me on the dvr…



  1. Mr. Mouse said,

    I like you the way you are…I think you aren’t realizing how wonderful of a person you are.

    • anonymouseandcheese said,

      barf. 😉

  2. Kelly said,

    Mr. and Mrs. Mouse,

    You are both funny. See? No wonder you have a blog!


  3. HereWeGoAJen said,

    I think you are funny and witty and all that other stuff.

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