February 25, 2010

countdown to perfection

Posted in mousie at 7:37 pm by Anonymouse

Lori, over at Livin’ in a Fishbowl posted the other day, musing about where she would be 10 years from now.

I liked the idea, so I’m doing it too.

10 years from now.


Well, most importantly, I will be super hot.  I will have just had my 20 year reunion and will be the best looking person there, naturally.

My husband will be more in love with me than ever before, and likewise, me with him.

My children (Baby Swiss will have a little brother or sister) will have bulletin boards full of blue ribbons in their rooms and the family refrigerator will be covered with A+ spelling tests and masterful artwork.

They will be kind and talented and humble and smart and wonderful.

They will always do their chores without asking, will eat all of their vegetables and will rise and call me blessed.

My house will be perpetually clean and stylishly decorated.

My children’s friends will love coming to our home and will think that I am the coolest mom on the planet.

Because I will be.

I will have abandoned my blog, because let’s be honest…how long can I keep this up?… but I will have the cutest computer on the planet.

Wow, I can’t wait to know myself in 10 years.

And who can blame me?


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  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    Yeah, you sound pretty awesome to me. Of course, I already think you are okay.

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