February 28, 2010

guest blogger

Posted in mousie at 9:23 pm by Anonymouse

Baby Swiss here.  Don’t tell my mama that I’m not in bed.  I’ve been dying to try out her new netbook, so here I am.  So sneaky am I.

My grandparents came for a visit this weekend. My mama says they have come to visit more in the last 15 months than they used to.  I’m not sure what that’s about.

This is me with my baby.  I’m a good mama.  My mama says she’s too young to be a grandma though.  My mama is so silly – it’s just a pretend baby.

I learned to say “cheese” when I’m getting my picture taken.  If I learned that, you’d think my grandpa could learn how to program the date stamp on his camera.

I’m a very big girl, so I like to sit at the table in a big chair sometimes.  My mama is mean and moves all of the dishes to where I can’t reach them.

Uh oh, I better go to bed now before she catches me.  Peace out, blog homies.


  1. Kelly said,

    Love the “cheese” smile! Mea always makes the funniest faces when she’s “trying” to smile…I love it.

  2. HereWeGoAJen said,

    Elizabeth has always been totally uninterested in baby dolls. She’s met some real babies now though, perhaps I should try her again.

    And Baby Swiss, you are so big and it is polite of you to sit so nicely at the table. When Elizabeth gets into a big chair, she stands up and faces the wrong way so she can have a little dance dance.

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