March 3, 2010

who i want to be

Posted in mousie at 9:27 pm by Anonymouse

I want to be someone who goes the extra mile.

I want to be someone who goes the extra mile without even thinking about it.

Piggybacking on that, I want to raise kids who go the extra mile as part of their nature.

In order for my kids to learn that, I need to do it myself.

I don’t think I’m the worst person in the world at this.  I always put the high chair back at fast food restaurants AND pick up the big chunks that ended up on the floor thanks to my kid.  When an email goes out about taking meals to someone, I always sign up, etc. etc.

I do the normal stuff.  I want to do more and I think that the place I’m at in life right now is a great time to start practicing this.

I want to automatically drop off meals at homes of friends who are sick and have families that they are tasked with feeding.

I want to randomly bake cookies for my neighbors that I don’t even know.

I want to offer to return shopping carts for random people at the grocery store.

I want to leave my quarter in my cart at Aldi.

I want to smile at strangers more.

I want to refold the t-shirt I look at exactly like it was, so that someone doesn’t have to come behind me to do it over.

I want to take hot chocolate to the Salvation Army bell ringers at Christmas.

I want to mail more packages to Baby Swiss’ birth parents at college.

I want to drop my plans to spend time with a friend who needs me or to watch their kids for them.

I want to be that person who doesn’t just serve, but is a servant.



  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    Well, you can bake a triple batch of cookies and do the sick friends, unknown neighbors, and college care packages in one shot. 🙂

    That is a good list. I am going to add some of those to my own head.

  2. shoeaddict said,

    The last 4 weeks at church were about being “givers”. I’ve been thinking of these things a lot too since then.

  3. Kelly said,

    A beautiful post! I try to be thoughtful, and pay things forward when I can. I’ve paid for the person behind me in a drive up’s food before, and at a toll way. I need to get better at saying yes, or I can do it!

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