March 7, 2010

actual photos from yesterday

Posted in mousie at 11:16 pm by Anonymouse

True to form, we forgot our camera when we went to T’s college town (also Mr. Mouse’s former college town) yesterday.  Luckily, T always has her camera with her, so we now have some actual pictures from the day.

Doing a little leg stretching after a few hours in the car is always good.  Grandpa E (T’s dad) is assisting.

This one is fuzzy, but I love it.  This guy is not exactly known as a softie (understatement much?), but he can be caught being silly with this baby.  I think that no one is more surprised than him by how much he loves her.

Baby Swiss was not cooperating with the photo taking.  She was too busy looking for more birthday cookie.  Here she is with the birthday girl though.


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  1. shoeaddict said,

    I know that I say this all the time but it’s just so true- Baby Swiss is gorgeous!! She has T’s smile.

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