March 10, 2010


Posted in mousie at 5:38 pm by Anonymouse

We have a new weekly activity.  A friend told me about a singing/story-time thing at the local library, so we checked it out last week.  Baby Swiss was a bit hesitant, but I know that she will like it once she gets comfortable, so we went again this week.

She didn’t dance, she didn’t do too many actions to the song and she didn’t smile at the wonderful librarian that is so good at what she does.  I know she was more comfortable this time though.

Because she pooped.

Yep, that stinky kid?




  1. It’s like some sort of reverse lottery. There’s always one baby/toddler in the crowd. You know the wheel has come to a stop when all the parents start peeking down pants at the same time, muttering prayers.

    Nothing is better than seeing nothing.

    Sorry your number was called today.

  2. …And sometimes, it’s just a preschooler who is having a farty kind of day.

  3. HereWeGoAJen said,

    That sounds like such a fun class! I want to do it!

  4. Kelly said,

    So glad we are out of diapers. We are currently working on proper wiping….poop stained panties are really icky. Just wait until she starts announcing it. I love when we are somewhere public, and Mea screams that she has to poop, or that she tooted. I actually usually do love it, because she cracks me up.

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