March 14, 2010

guest blogger: guess who?

Posted in mousie at 9:55 pm by Anonymouse

Baby Swiss here.  Again.  Ugh, my Mama is so lazy.  She is always having me blog for her.  Do you know who isn’t lazy?  My daddy.  My daddy is my favorite.  I like to point at his picture and say his name.  All. Day.  Long.

My dad is an engineer.

Not a train engineer though.  But there we were on a train.

My daddy is kind of a geek, but it’s okay because I am too.

I started young.

But I’m getting bigger all the time and I like to help my daddy with his engineer work.

Daddy, I think I’m ready for my own computer.


  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    Baby Swiss, try this trick. When someone says “Say Mama” you shout out “DADA!” Do it over and over until you get your Mama to smack her hand into her head and sigh. Elizabeth has perfected that.

  2. shoeaddict said,

    You should get a computer! You should have anything you want.
    Love your coat!

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