March 15, 2010

my mama always taught me to write thank you notes

Posted in mousie at 1:29 pm by Anonymouse

Dear Daylight Saving Time,

Can I call you DST for short?

I don’t know why people complain about losing an hour of sleep whenever you roll around each spring.  I mean, it’s not like you just happen without warning.  We can all pick which hour we lose, right?  This year, I chose to lose an hour of housework.  It was a tough decision between that and the sleep, but in the end, sleep won.

Sleep always wins.

I’d actually like to formally thank you for taking away that hour of cleaning time.  You’re a great friend.  Perhaps I’ll be able to return the favor someday.  Of course, not in the fall.  In the fall, I will use my extra our for sleep.

Because sleep always wins.

Speaking of sleep and formal thanks, I’d like to thank you for the baby that you left in Baby Swiss’ crib when you kidnapped her in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday.

This new baby did not request to be removed from her crib until 9am this morning.  She had a sunny disposition all morning and then was a pleasant errand-running companion today (except when it was time to hand over our shopping basket at Ulta, but that’s not your fault, DST).

Baby Swiss’ replacement is now napping in her crib.  I suspect it will be for a good long time and I just feel that I owe you such a debt of gratitude for leaving me such a compliant sleep-loving baby.

Let’s be best friends, DST.

Peace, Love & evening walks in the daylight –




  1. Kelly said,

    You seem to have a better relationship with DST, then we do at our household…Mea did not go to sleep until nearly 11 last night. She was not very happy when I had to wake her up this morning at 7:15 to start getting ready for the day. Hopefully, I can convince her that sleep is not for chumps tonight…

  2. HereWeGoAJen said,

    I don’t think I am speaking to you right now.

  3. I can’t get on board your crazy train. 😉

    When they are in school, it is much harder to wake them on time to get ready. This morning was a near-disaster. Schools don’t schedule any major tests for the week following the changeover because kids would do poorly. It’s hard on them to be sitting at school when their bodies tell them it’s only 7:00 am, but the government says it’s 8:00 am.

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