March 16, 2010

underneath it all

Posted in mousie at 8:18 pm by Anonymouse

It seems that mid-way through the fifth year of marriage is when undergarments start to break down.

I’ve thrown away countless pairs of Mr. Mouse’s holey- unders and lately I’ve been finding holes in my unders.  I’ve also been tossing random socks here and there and noticing that Mr. Mouse’s undershirt t-shirts are looking pretty rough.

I suppose if something in our marriage is going to break down, it might as well be our undergarments.



  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    Ours seems to be at seven years. (That’s how long I’ve been married, right?) I am nearly out of socks. Or maybe it is just something going around.

  2. Mr. Mouse said,

    I think it’s funny you call them “undergarments”…I’ve never heard you use that term! It’s underwear! 🙂

  3. Rach said,

    so funy…i thought you were being all philosophical…then i realized you really were just talking about underwear.

    mr. mouse – she has to be cutting edge on her blog, you know.

    • anonymouseandcheese said,

      you can always count on me to not be philosophical 😉

      mr. mouse doesn’t know the power of google – like I want people who google holes in p@nties to find my blog

  4. Kelly said,

    The power of google…true so true. We don’t need that kind of traffic!

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