March 20, 2010

this sucks

Posted in mousie at 8:22 am by Anonymouse

Dear B & N,

I’m sure you’re reading and hearing a lot of words and none of them are the right ones and none of them are making you feel any less pain.

I know that when I had my miscarriages, pregnant women were pretty much the last people I wanted to hear from and it’s very likely you feel the same way about me right now.  And that’s okay.

I’m praying for you as you grieve this precious life that you prayed for and waited for and cared for.  And  I’m praying for you as you drive all of those hours home with an empty car seat in your back seat.  And I’m praying for you as you wait for whatever God has in store for you.

You lost a baby.  I hope you feel acknowledged for that.  Know that others are grieving for your loss and grieving with you.

In the middle of the dark and downpour of such a loss – especially after the string of other losses – it is so hard to see God’s purpose and plan.  I’m praying that when all is said and done, His plan will be so clear that no one could deny it and that until then, you will be able to praise Him in the storm…if not yet for the storm.

And that because of your faith, others will know Him more.

And that it all happens soon.



  1. Kelly said,

    My heart goes out to them. I can only begin to imagine the feeling of loss. They are in my prayers today.

  2. Oh, no.

    I am so, so sorry to hear the heartbreaking outcome.

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