March 21, 2010

guest blogger: playing outside edition

Posted in mousie at 3:29 pm by Anonymouse

Even though there is snow on the ground at my house today, it was really nice outside a few days last week, so my Mama took me outside to play on our swing set.

I wasn’t too sure about this swing at first.  I mostly just wanted to bark at the neighbor dog and say “nose”.  Those things are pretty fun, but when my Mama finally quit pushing me like a baby, I realized that this swinging thing is pretty fun too.

Woof woof.  Nose.

P.S. Beware my gigantic looking shoes.  I promise, my feet are just normal sized.  My Mama says, I’ll have to get that camera angle thing down before I go on Top Model.

I really liked sliding on my slide.  It is really fast.  While I enjoy going down the slide, I don’t care for climbing up the ladder to get to the top.  I much prefer my Mama lifting me up.  My Mama says it gets old after awhile, but might help her arms get toned.

Whatever that means.

I also don’t care for my Mama making me sit at the bottom of the slide for a picture.  To punish her, I made sure to not look one bit happy in her picture.

So there.

After sliding down the slide 27,000 times, I discovered how fun it is to stomp around on the crunchy leaves.  I didn’t want Mama to know how fun it was, so I didn’t smile for her pictures.  If she knew how fun it was, she might want to crunch all of my leaves for me.

The last fun thing I did was ignore my Mama when she tried to get my attention for a smile.  Silly Mama, you gotta work for it.


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  1. Kelly said,

    Baby Swiss, even without smiling for your Mama, you are undoubtedly one of the cutest babies that there is, ever. Smile for your Mama, even if it’s a silly “cheese” smile!

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