March 22, 2010

not it

Posted in mousie at 3:45 pm by Anonymouse

Because I know that everyone was worried about a permanent label, I’d like to let the Internet know that Baby Swiss made it through the entire 30 minute singing/story time at the library today with no stink.

What a relief.

I don’t know how she would be able to show her face at the library again if she repeated that behavior so soon after her first offense.

She did decide to try out pretty much every carpet square in the middle of everything to make sure that she knew for future visits where the best view of Miss Kate was.

Luckily moms of toddlers are generally pretty gracious about making room on their carpet squares.

We moms of toddlers have to be gracious because we never know when it’s our turn to take the walk of shame to the minivan with a stinky child.


  1. Exactly.

  2. Kelly said,

    Cheers to not being the stinky kid! Good job, Baby Swiss!

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