March 23, 2010

one moment in time

Posted in mousie at 8:44 pm by Anonymouse

Maybe it’s because I’m anticipating summer and reminiscing fondly the highlights of last summer.

Maybe it’s because my brain wants to explode at the badness that I’m listening to on American Idol.

Maybe it’s because my baby laid her sweet head on my shoulder for about 2 seconds tonight in a rare moment of sweet-babyness.

But all day today my mind has been reliving one of my favorite  moments of being a mom of all time.  It’s like a perfect frozen-in-time memory that I have treasured up in my heart, and of course my head.

It wasn’t a big milestone or otherwise moment of proud parenting.  It wasn’t an example of rock star mothering.

It was just me standing in a park by a lake at a big church picnic talking to friends and realizing that my sweet six month old baby just laid her sweet little head on my shoulder and fell asleep in the midst of all of the fun.

She hadn’t done such a thing in months and was rapidly approaching the no-longer-able-to-sleep-just-anywhere-when-I’m-tired stage.

It was just sweet.

I know right where I was standing.  I can feel the styrofoam cup of lemonade in my hand and see the faces I was talking to.  I remember the orange spot of previously eaten carrots on the edge of one of the white butterflies printed on Baby Swiss’ red outfit.  I can see her sweet chubby cheek underneath her white sun hat.

I love that moment and I think I will always remember it.

I also look forward to the next moment that promises to live forever in that same precious vault.



  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    Aw, that is so sweet.

  2. Kelly said,

    I love those little memories in the vault….they are like little treasures when they come to you.

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