March 24, 2010

two are better than one

Posted in mousie at 7:37 pm by Anonymouse

It’s a banner day in the Mouse Household.

That’s right.  Baby’s first pigtails.

Here’s a shot of the side/back.

I initially just pulled them up to see how they would look, so not a lot of care went into today’s trial run.  Tomorrow should be better.

I think she likes them though.

Now, I want to go out and buy a whole slew of hair bow pigtail sets.

Here is some sage advice I received via Facebook from my cousin who has two young-elementary aged daughters:

“Starting Pigtails….this is a very complicated BOW transition. You have to go get a 2nd bow to match the ones you have or just start buying new ones in pairs. Then you realize that when you do a single bow it needs to be bigger- so again you are buying new ones. It is still changing for us 8 years into the girl thing— my girls are now into the headband phase. I do love it!”



  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    I cannot wait for pigtails. We need a little more hairdo patience first though.

  2. Kelly said,

    Very cute poofy pigtails! Love the bows…what products are you using on her hair?

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