March 26, 2010

growing pains

Posted in mousie at 9:21 pm by Anonymouse

Apparently 29 is the year of the pineapple.  Or rather, the year that I learn how to actually cut a whole pineapple while neither wasting half of the fruit nor leaving bits of inner rind anywhere other than the trash can.

Yep, 29.

When did that happen?

Not that I think 29 is old or that I’m worried about 30.

I don’t and I’m not.

I sort of feel like 30 might be the age where I finally feel like a grown-up.

Doubtful considering the fact that none of the previous thresholds (entrance to the real world, marriage, kid, etc.) seemed to make a difference.

I have a few lingering relationships with a handful of the teenagers at church – leftover from my student ministry volunteer days.  The other day, one of them texted me and asked if it was hard to imagine myself as an adult when I was her age (17).

My answer – which I’m sure made her roll her eyes in a way that only 17 year-olds can – was that it is still hard for me to imagine myself as an adult.

And I mean it.  I know that I sometimes talk about politics, retirement funds, mortgage rates and other such lame adult ideas, but I also know that I am so much younger than the 29 year-olds that I knew when I was a teenager – because those 29 year-olds?  They were real adults.

29?  Twenty-nine?  That’s adulthood.  29 year-olds don’t call their friends to find out what they should wear to an event; or stay up too late just because no one is there to tell them to go to bed when they’re home alone; or crave a lunch of doritos and coke.

29 year-olds know how to cut fruit properly and pin on corsages.  They always have the wisdom-ish answer and don’t add “-ish” to the ends of words instead of finding a more grammatically proper answer.

People who are 29 aren’t continuously surprised when they have vivid memories that are 10 or more years old.  Of course they have memories that go that far back.  They. Are. Twenty-nine.

So, when am I going to be 29?



  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    It messes with my head when I remember things from twenty years ago. There are a few things I can even remember from twenty-five years ago. It’s bizarre.

  2. Kelly said,

    At almost 36, I still most of the time feel like I couldn’t possibly be THAT old. Then it hits me that I’ve been married for 9 years. That my oldest step-daughter is now the same age I was when I married her dad. That Mack is graduating this year. That my Mea is turning 4! Then I feel a bit old….

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