March 29, 2010

that’s my girl

Posted in mousie at 9:43 pm by Anonymouse

Remember this?

(I know.  How many times am I going to link to stories about my kid’s poo?)

Don’t worry, I’m actually going to devote a whole new post to it.

You’re welcome.

Now we can officially say that my blog is crap.

Oh.  That was bad.  My apologies.

So, Sunday I go in the nursery for my stint as teacher.  Baby Swiss has spent the previous “hour” (really, longer than an hour, but that’s what I sometimes call first service) in the nursery.  She ALWAYS poos sat church.

Every week.

Often twice.

She is what is known as “regular”.

(Which is why I hold my breath every week at the library.)

On her communication card, her teacher had written in big letters next to the time and status of her changed diaper: “One of the top 10 stinkiest diapers I have ever changed.”

This woman has three kids of her own (youngest is a year older than Baby Swiss) and has been teaching in the nursery for several years, so she has changed a lot of diapers.

And my kid’s diaper made the top 10.

I’m so proud.



  1. Kelly said,

    That is too funny. Whenever anyone at our house has a stinky bathroom moment, Mea runs around screaming for someone to “Spray da baffroom, NOW!” Including when she stinks it up. It is too funny. I just pray that she never does this when company comes…

  2. HereWeGoAJen said,

    Nice! We had one of those this morning.

  3. shoeaddict said,

    Mine is very regular too. But, she’s a breastfed baby.

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