March 31, 2010

this I know

Posted in mousie at 9:45 pm by Anonymouse

I’ve written before about the grief of infertility popping up in unexpected places at unexpected times.

Sunday morning in the nursery, one of the other teachers was reading a book about Easter to the kiddos (toddlers/2s) during the Bible story time.

The book wasn’t very good.

Not only was the book not very good, but there was a part of the book that said something like, “Jesus loves all of the boys and girls and mommies and daddies.”

Yep.  That was it.

In some ways, I suppose that statement includes everyone – I guess we are all boys or girls – but to a former unintentionally childless person, it made me feel sad.

I’m going to go ahead and say it:  Jesus loves the single people and the infertiles and the purposefully childless and the guy who lives in a van down by the river too.



  1. I see your point. It has to sting.

    Often, ~very~ little kids think all female adults are mommies and males are daddies. It’s more like a name than a role to them. Grown up woman = a mommy. They may not call her “mommy” to her face because they know THEIR mommy, but my kids pointed out a woman on a magazine cover and said, “Why is that mommy wearing a swimsuit?” or simply, “Mommy!”

    I don’t know why the book can’t simply say “grown-ups”, unless the author was trying to use little-kid speak. My kids also went through a phase where anyone over the age of 50 was a grandma or grandpa, regardless if they were or not. As in, “Did you see the grandma walking the big dog?” as an elderly woman walked down the greenbelt path in back of our house.

  2. HereWeGoAJen said,

    A serious percentage of children’s books are terrible. I mean, I’ve never seen such poor quality stuff.

    I think you should re-write the book with that last statement in there. 🙂

  3. Rach said,

    van down by the river…i laughed so hard the kids started playing doctor on me, thinking they would need to revive me soon…

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