April 13, 2010

#2 doesn’t always imply poo

Posted in mousie at 8:07 pm by Anonymouse

This morning, I started my day by burning four of the five fingers on my left hand when I tried (unsuccessfully) to not drop a hot pan I was removing from the oven.

It hurt a lot.

For a long time.

And a little bit even now.

The day got better though.

I just put Baby Swiss to bed, but before that, we had some major giggle fits together while we were making silly faces.

In between the burnt fingers and the silly faces/giggles a lot of stuff happened.  Only one thing seems really noteworthy though.

I made the call.

That’s right, folks, we’re getting back into business.

Home study update packet is in the mail.

Bumpy ride?  Smooth?  Long?  Short?

Time will tell.

Buckle your seat belts, store your personal items and turn off your electronics; because we’re about to take off.



  1. Renae said,

    YAY! So excited for you and Mr. Mouse and Baby Swiss and #2!

  2. Sarah Abrahams said,

    Yay! Congratulations, I am sooo excited for you! Please keep us posted as things progress.

  3. Squeal! I can’t wait to meet Baby, um, Provolone? Havarti? Colby?

    Seriously, congratulations on being back in business.

  4. HereWeGoAJen said,

    Awesome! I am excited!

  5. Kelly said,

    So exciting! What great news!

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