April 14, 2010

guest blogger: wedding photos edition

Posted in mousie at 8:17 pm by Anonymouse

It’s about time my Mama let me show you all pictures of my auntie’s wedding.  That Mama.  She’s so silly.

This is Sean.  He’s five.  That’s so old!  He loves my Auntie.  He writes her notes and leaves her presents on her front porch.  His house is next to hers and he decided to watch the wedding from his swing set.  When it got dark, he went to get his head lamp.  I think I’d like one of those for when I crawl between the sofa and the side table.

Here are Baby and I dancing.  I’m a good dancer and everyone liked to watch me dance and liked to laugh when I was dancing.  I’m not sure why they laughed.  Dancing is serious business if you ask me.

My Mama likes to call this one “Which one of these is not like the others?”  I think she is referring to the paleness of my cousins.  Well, they aren’t really my cousins, they are my Mama’s cousins’ kids.  Whew, this is confusing.  They liked me though.  They thought I was a baby and kept giving me hugs.  I like hugs though, so it’s all good in the hood.

Here is a picture of my very favorite person in the whole world and my Mama.  My Mama fixed her hair over to the side like that and says that if you do that, you have to be careful to have the correct side of your hair in photos.  I think she should just wear pigtails like me.

This is my Auntie and my Nana.  Auntie and Mama don’t look alike at all.  That’s okay though because I probably won’t look like my brother or sister either.  Some people think my Auntie looks like my Nana and some people think my Mama looks like my Nana.  My Mama used to have yellow hair like Nana.  That probably helped.

Happy little family.  I didn’t look at the camera because I didn’t think you could handle the cuteness of all of us looking and smiling.

You’re welcome.



  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    Sean is totally awesome. I love that he watched the wedding from his swing set with his headlamp.

    Tell your Mama that she looks pretty! You, of course, already know that you look fantastic.

  2. Darci said,

    We all know that your favorite person is your dad. I have a sneaking suspicion that your mama edited this before it was posted.

  3. Darci said,

    Sorry that i mis read that. I blame it on being up past my bedtime.

  4. Kelly said,

    Looks like a good time was had by all! Everyone looks so beautiful!

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