April 20, 2010

guest post: the real deal volume 1

Posted in mousie at 9:07 pm by Anonymouse

Today’s post is an actual guest post from somewhere outside my brain.  My in-real-life friend (yes, I have them) came through for me after I put the pressure on last week.  Now, I say she is a friend, but I am a bit upset with her for moving halfway across the country from me.  Anyway, you can read all about her here.  I highly recommend that you visit her blog and read this story.  It is both true and amazing.

Without further ado, here is her post – unedited by me (and I refrained from adding my two cents every other sentence)…

well, i’ve struggled with the post for awhile.  i mean, it’s one thing to be drab and mundane on my own blog….it’s mine.  no one expects anything more, and furthermore no one reads it 😉  here, however, is another story entirely.  much as she may think she is not, miss mouse is quite funny, witty, wise, and rather crafty with words.  so there’s a standard around here, and i apologize if i don’t meet it.  don’t punish mouse…..come back tomorrow.  i will not be the author 🙂

i know mouse IRL…..i have known her for the better part of five years….she helped me fill small plastic pouches with hot chocolate mix for my wedding.  and has been one of my favorite friends ever since.  she always has smart (wise) things to say….and such perspective.

i recently had to move away from mouse.  and i thought that i knew her pretty well…..we were in an accountability group together…..we were in small group together…..but one day i came to my email to find this (from mouse):

I have a little secret I’ve been keeping for a few years, and it’s out.
It’s not nearly as exciting as any of the things currently running through your mind.
Since it’s out though, I figured I should tell you guys.

this email dictated much of my free time for the three days following its reading.  because i had three years worth of blogging to catch up on.  what the what?!

but God truly works in mysterious ways.  i had been having some truly lonely days…..and reading this dear friend’s blog made me feel a little bit like she was close by.  and He had been working in me in some specific ways, and reading her words made it more clear to me some changes that needed to take place in my life.

i am so thankful for mouse….and that i had the opportunity to share some of life with her.  she is one of a kind.



  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    Nice guest post! She sounds like a great friend.

    However, if she can catch up on three years worth of blogging in three days, you don’t post enough! I’m glad you’ve remedied that this year.

  2. Kelly said,

    I loved the story that Mouse pointed us to. I have done similar things on the phone, but usually by answering the phone with my work tag line, or by accidentally saying “hello” instead of my work tag line….

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