April 22, 2010

guest post: the real deal volume 2

Posted in mousie at 9:24 pm by Anonymouse

Today’s guest post is brought to you by an itty bitty wittle girl.  Well, she’s not a wittle girl anymore, but she was when I first met her.  If you count a 15 year-old as a wittle girl.  I got to watch her through her high school years and eat Mexican with her when she came home from college for visits and now she is a grown up going to grad school.  Not so wittle, I suppose.

Because I’m shallow, this is my favorite post of hers lately.  And, because I’m shallow – if I could request one post from her, it would be the story about a certain pair of siblings with some interesting fruity, gelatinous names that she ran across when she was working at the local Children’s Hospital one summer.

I wrote about her almost three years ago here.  I said of her then, “She is sure of her path and is sure-footed on it,” and it is still so true today.  I would love for her to find her way back to where I live now so that we can be grown up friends.  For now, I’ll settle for getting to hear from afar about her spreading her wings and maybe soon she’ll use those wings to fly on back to us.

Without further ado (and unedited), here is her guest post…

sugar and spice

and everything nice. that’s what anonymouse is made of. you see, out of everything nice that she does, making sugar and spice taste great is one of the best.

for a few semesters in high school (waaaaay back in the day), anonymouse was my small group leader and if memory serves me correct she made at least 2 pieces of the BEST cinnamon toast in the world. yup, the world. why, you ask?

maybe it was the bread. or the toaster. or the brand of sugar. or the cinnamon. maybe the butter. most likely it was the love. the fact that we ate this special treat while sitting in a room full of young women and sharing life together. the fact that anonymouse shared without hesitation her life and wisdom (and her toast). she loved us well…and made sure we never went hungry. thanks, anonymouse!

(if you want to try her version of cinnamon sugar toast–ask her.)

Okay, me again.

I’ll go ahead and post about how I make this magical toast tomorrow.


  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    Have you seen this toaster? http://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/magimix-glass-vision-toaster/?pkey=cnew-view-all I mean, seriously, it is all kinds of awesome. I don’t know WHY I want to view my toast as it toasts, but I do.

  2. Darci said,

    for some reason, i get a little teary thinking about those girls. i attribute their great success in life to your great small group leading. and me dropping by at the end to pray.

  3. anonymouseandcheese said,

    Let’s just not talk about the failures, right? I’d like to think that if they learned one thing from me, it was how to ascertain what a good grilled cheese sandwich tastes like.

    They probably also learned that their role models watched trash on tv.

  4. circaeightyeight said,

    your wish is my command. it’s coming soon. =)

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