April 25, 2010

might-have-beens & not-just-yets

Posted in mousie at 2:06 pm by Anonymouse

Today was Parent/Child Dedication at church.  My friend wrote about it much more elegantly than I will.

This was the first Parent/Child Dedication I’ve watched in quite awhile.  Last year we participated with Baby Swiss, so we weren’t watching and I’m fairly certain I skipped it the two years before that.

It was just more than my heart could handle those years to think about what might have been and what not quite was.

I have similar feelings about Mother’s Day – it’s a day of celebration for so many, yet a day of quiet sadness for a seemingly invisible crowd.

We put on our smiles and pretend the sad stories aren’t there or we get so wrapped up in our happy ones that we don’t even have to pretend because we’ve forgotten.

For all of those out there with might-have-been babies and the not-just-yet babies, you’re not invisible or forgotten.

And, if you skipped church this weekend, I won’t judge. 😉


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  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    Those always came without warning at our church, there was no special weekend, so I was always blindsided.

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