May 2, 2010

a how-to guide

Posted in mousie at 9:16 pm by Anonymouse

Today, I’d like to discuss something important.


There are a lot of popsicle options out there, but these are almost always my brand of brain freeze.

They are cheap, easy and only have like 25 calories each, so you can eat like 12 at once and that’s only 300 calories.

Not that I’ve ever eaten 12 at once.


I’d like to go ahead and give some step by step instructions on how to properly eat these guys.

  1. First, retrieve your desired number of popsicles from the freezer.  I personally recommend no less than 6.  I usually choose between 8-12.
  2. Stop judging me.
  3. Throw the blue popsicles away.  They are gross.
  4. Now, grab a dishtowel and a pair of scissors.
  5. Lay the dishtowel on the floor in front of the tv show you’re watching.
  6. Separate all of the popsicles (this is important – if you wait until they are less frozen, it will be harder to separate them without ripping one open and causing leakage).
  7. Lay the separated popsicles in order left to right of how you will eat them.  You need to start with the least tasty flavor and end with the tastiest.  The correct order is: green, orange, pink, red, purple.
  8. Enjoy the popsicles at each stage of the unfreezing process.  The greens will be nice and frozen and the purples will be nice and slushy.

There.  Now you know.

And knowing is half the battle.



  1. Mr. Mouse said,

    You are correct, purple is the best color!

  2. There’s a method? I’ve been doing it wrong for well over 35 years?


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