May 5, 2010

life according to a cell phone

Posted in mousie at 9:15 pm by Anonymouse

I’ve been bad again about taking pictures with my camera, but I do have some from the last week or so on my phone that I thought I’d share – my apologies for the quality.

Who doesn’t love them some Pizza Hut lunch buffet?

I took my girls to Costco.  There must have been something interesting going on over their right shoulders.

We have reached the age of accountability.  You know, the age where she keeps me accountable for letting her have a horsey ride if she’s a good helper at the grocery store.

This would be the “after” photo that I didn’t put in The Muddle post.  You might not be able to tell, but she is wearing a diaper in this pic.

Just doing a little Sunday afternoon reading.

Using the family restroom at our fave department store.  She loved the Baby-Swiss-sized sink.  She cried when I made her leave.  What kind of a mother discourages hand washing like that?  Tsk, tsk.

Climbing out of your bed is so 2009.  All of the cool babies are climbing into their cribs.

Speaking of cool babies, someone was trying to fly under the radar on our walk today.

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  1. Darci said,

    I’m thinking someone needs to buy baby some clothes.

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