May 9, 2010


Posted in mousie at 9:53 am by Anonymouse

So, today is Mother’s Day.

It’s my second Mother’s Day as an actual mom, not a wanna-be-mom or as I like to think of it a mom-who-isn’t-a-mom-yet.

I had two years of Mother’s Days that were sad for me.  I know lots of people have much more than two.

But those two Mother’s Days where I skipped church and pretended I wasn’t sad and pretended that I hadn’t thought I’d be pregnant, or have a new baby, or be pregnant again were two more than I really cared to have.

I was pretty much sure that last year, on my first real Mother’s Day, I was going to be selfish and stay home with my own little family and have a quiet day of being the mom that got to be recognized.

Then, my mom’s big birthday got scheduled.  My dad was throwing a big party for her 60th birthday the day before Mother’s Day and we didn’t HAVE to, but would we and my sister come home and surprise her?

Well, it was one thing for me to be selfish with my Mother’s Day, but to be so selfish that it spilled over onto the birthday party was a bit more than I could handle.

So, we drove five hours, surprised my mom (she had no idea we were coming even after my sister showed up).  I helped cook dinner, set the table, wash dishes, etc.

Sunday morning came and it was truly like a Hallmark commercial in my heart.  Baby Swiss woke up in her pack-n-play, Mr. Mouse got her up, changed her diaper, then brought her to bed where I was and the three of us just laid their in bed together – a happy little family of three.

My heart was happy.

It didn’t matter if we would be downstairs in an hour wishing my mom a Happy Mother’s Day.  Then a few hours later, celebrating with my grandmother.

What else could I have wanted?

Then, later that day I read Lori’s post about Mother’s Day.

You really should click over and read it, but if you don’t – just know that she says this at the end:

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms who are standing alongside me in the trenches of mommyhood. But, even in those trenches, I don’t feel the need for my own self to be honored. I am digging through poop and wading through barf but there is truly no where else I’d rather be.

I’d also like to add a special Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms-who-aren’t-moms-yet.  Whether you’re skipping church today or sitting bravely in the pew with sadness in your heart and maybe tears just below the surface, you deserve to be acknowledged too.  By all means, just remember that you deserve to indulge in some ice cream and junk food today more than anyone else.

Well, that’s my therapy of choice at least.


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