May 10, 2010

remember spring?

Posted in mousie at 1:15 pm by Anonymouse

Dear May 10th,

What the heck are you thinking?

Are you confused?

Do you know that 45 degrees is not an acceptable temperature for May 10th?

Do you know that my baby has very few warm clothes that fit her right now?

Because it’s May 10th.

We should be thinking about flip flops and tank tops.

Not hoodies and socks.

The neighborhood swimming pool is full, open and waiting for us to splash and play and sun and lunch.

And yet, I want to eat chili and wear sweats and snuggle under a thick comforter on the sofa.

Get it together, May10th.

Or else you’re history.


A disgruntled consumer.



  1. Kelly said,

    So with you sister. Mea is wearing pants that are a couple inches too short to daycare today, because I was proactive and packed away all the winter stuff that fit and had my darling husband put it away somewhere until fall. I have no idea where he put it. She looks like a goof.

  2. Yeah, Spring is letting a lot of us down this year. Slacker.

    It is supposed to SNOW here tonight. A lot.

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