May 23, 2010

the heat is on

Posted in mousie at 9:00 pm by Anonymouse

Summer finally got hot here.  And all of a sudden too.

Mr. Mouse wants me to ask him to turn the a/c on.  (That way he can blame it on me.)

I think I can sweat it out a few more days though – it’s supposed to get a little cooler again.

The worst two things about the house being this hot are:

1. I hate being hot when I sleep.

2. I hate trying to get ready when I’m sweating.

Bring on the heat though because I’m ready to take a certain little girl in her leopard & hot pink swimsuit to the pool.

And Mama needs a tan.


  1. addy1013 said,

    i hate being hot when i’m getting ready, too. feels like you’ve just totally wasted your time taking a shower.

    jed says “hate it a very strong word.” her wanted me to pass that along 😉

  2. Kelly said,

    I agree with all of this, but I wussed out and turned my air on. I cannot get ready while sweating, I just cannot do it. I also really hate being that hot while sleeping. I can’t wait for the pool, I still haven’t decided on Miss Mea’s swimming suit yet, I probably better get on it, before there aren’t any left! 🙂

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