May 25, 2010

guest blogger: new hobbies edition

Posted in mousie at 9:42 pm by Anonymouse

Ugh.  My Mama.  She is fine-uh-lee letting me blog again.  I want to blog daily, but she is such a blog hog.

I’ve been very busy exploring new hobbies lately.  One of my favorites is wearing different shoes.

Here, I am wearing my Mama’s shoes.  She said something about them being on the wrong feet.  Whatever, Mama.  You’re feet are the wrong feet.  Mine are all right.

These are my Nana’s slippers.  They keep her feet warm.  She should just get pajamas for her feet like me.  Silly, Nana.

I’ve also been very into coloring lately.  I like to use all of my colors and on this particular day, I also decided my shirt should be colored orange.  If you would ever like your shirt colored orange, you know who to call.

This day, I thought that I would try a hot air balloon ride.  However, this balloon was not full of hot enough air.  Maybe my Mama should have blown it up.

I tried to take up home inspections.  This is a house my grandpa built.  Don’t get me started on all of the code violations.

I tried a little babysitting too.  Changing diapers is for the birds though.


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  1. Kelly said,

    Ahh, glad to have you back Baby Swiss! You can come color any of our shirts orange anytime, it’s one of our favorite colors. You look very good holding that baby, good practice for a baby brother or sister!

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