May 26, 2010


Posted in mousie at 12:05 pm by Anonymouse

I’ve thought for about the last six months that my husband was 33.  As it turns out, he’s only been 32.

Can you even believe I was on the Math Team in middle school?

I mean, I won medals to prove it.

And that was back in the day where they didn’t just automatically give everyone a medal for participating.

I know.

I’m embarrassed for my former algebraic self.

I’m more embarrassed of the picture of me in my Math Team t-shirt, tight-rolled jeans, huge glasses, mousey hair and medal (obvs) but that’s a story for another day.

Today is about Mr. Mouse.

Because, as of today, he is officially 33.

In honor of his 33rd birthday, I’d like to remember this moment.  Definitely one of my favorites.

Mr. Mouse – happiest birthday to you.  You’re the best bestie a girl could ask for.

Better, actually.

And, you’re cute too.


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  1. Happy belated birthday to your husband. He seems like a keeper and I hope he had a great day celebrating with you and Baby Swiss.

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