May 27, 2010

that’s my name, don’t wear it out

Posted in mousie at 3:48 pm by Anonymouse

Before I forget, I have to share (for posterity) one of my favorite things that happened this week.

Baby Swiss and I were at a friend’s house for a meeting and then some playing, lunch and good old-fashioned visiting.

My friend’s four year-old had a beef with Baby Swiss and came to tell me about it, “Hey, Baby Swiss’s Mommy…”

Most of us have had the experience of being known as so-and-so’s daughter/son/sister/brother and usually groan about it.  (Some of you more polite people probably groan inwardly.)

I like being known as so-and-so’s mommy.

Let’s just hope so-and-so keeps her naughty behavior to a mild enough level that I don’t change my tune on this one.


  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    I can start calling you Baby Swiss’s Mommy too, if you want.

    I agree, it makes me grin.

  2. A said,

    That is so cute!

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