May 30, 2010

thoughts on storms

Posted in mousie at 9:06 pm by Anonymouse

Tonight, we were driving home from my in-laws’ house and we drove through a big storm – sheets of rain, hail, really really really poor visibility.  There were cars pulled over on both sides of the highway.

We kept driving.

When storms come, we usually have two choices: stop and wait it out, or just keep moving.

It’s tough to wait.  Waiting is usually hard because having patience just isn’t so much fun.  When you wait, you aren’t making forward progress and you know that the journey is still all ahead of you.  You are helpless as you watch the storm pass all around you.

It’s tough to keep moving.  You don’t always know if you’re on the right path because you can’t see clearly due to the storm.  You have to fight to see, fight to move and fight to make progress.  It’s exhausting to press through.

My choice is usually to keep moving.  I don’t like to wait and there is something comforting to me in the fight of the forward motion of pressing through.

The danger in that fight is that sometimes you push through and the storm catches back up to you and you have to either fight it again or wait it out like you should have the first time.

Storms are exhausting.  And while they leave us a little battered, they also leave us a little bit tougher and a little bit more ready for the next one.



  1. HereWeGoAJen said,


  2. Brittany said,

    I’m happy to be in the storm with you. You are poetic.

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