June 23, 2010

don’t say I didn’t warn you

Posted in mousie at 8:34 pm by Anonymouse

When it rains, it pours.

That’s not technically true, but it sure feels that way sometimes, doesn’t it?

I have a friend who woke up on Monday to a dead pet and got into a car accident Monday night. Then, because the week wasn’t already in the tubes, her husband wrecked his bicycle Tuesday night and ended up in the ER with a severely sprained wrist, a sprained knee and plenty of road rash.

I bet they couldn’t wait to wake up this morning to see what the day held.

I can relate a little bit, but no need to drag up 2007-2008 around here again.

My mom texted me about an hour ago to tell me that she and my dad were driving in their car when it was hit by lightning.  They are fine, but their car is not.

I’m sure they are thrilled at the hassle and expense ahead of them in this in the midst of the hassle and expense of remodeling their kitchen.

Sometimes, when it rains, it does pour.

And sometimes when it pours, the basement floods.

So go out and buy a back up sump pump.


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  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    Okay, I have no basement, but I will immediately clean out the garage. Actually, the last time we had flooding, it was in the dining room.

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